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Marco Bortolami achievements

When Marco Bortolami made the switch to join Gloucester in 2006, many people classed him as the best player in the world. Despite that tag, it would be fair to say that Bortolami has not achieved as much as other players in his era, as we analyse his records and trophies through this next article.

Internationally, Bortolami can certainly be forgiven for his lack of achievements. Through no fault of his own, Italy are not regarded as one of the top nations in international rugby and have never been renowned for experiencing much success. In fact, Bortolami can be proud of the fact that he captained the Azzurri to their best finish in a Six Nations tournament. This occurred in 2007 when the Italians won two games in the competition for the first time ever.

It would be fair to say that the bulk of Bortolami’s success occurred at Gloucester, even though the Kingsholm outfit did not actually win anything during his time there. However, he was captain when the team were runners-up in the league in the 2006/07 season, while he was also active as Gloucester finished runners-up on successive occasions in the main cup competition in 2008/09 and 2009/10.

Unfortunately, at 31-years-old, it is starting to become more and more likely that Bortolami is going to end his career without a trophy to his name. While there were big hopes when he joined Aironi last year, the fact that they have recently had their license taken away has thrown more question marks about the player’s future. One thing is for sure, considering Bortolami’s undoubted ability, it is a huge shame that he does not have a huge list of honours to his name.


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