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At the age of 31, Marco Bortolami certainly has several interesting facts about his career. He has been a regular for the Italian national team for a number of years, as well as playing for some of the most illustrious clubs in the world. Through this article, we look at some of the most interesting trivia about the lock.

1)      Bortolami was born on 12 June 1980 in Padova, Italy.

2)      He is one of the largest players in the Italian national team, standing at a huge 6’5” and weighing approximately 17 stone.

3)      He made his professional debut at just 18-years-old, while his international debut followed two years later.

4)      One of the most impressive statistics for Bortolami is the age at what he was given the Italian captaincy. At just 22-years-old, he became the youngest ever player to captain the Azzurri.

5)      Bortolami stated in 2006 that upon his retirement, he wanted to become a mechanic for Ferrari. Incredibly, the car manufacturer has taken him up on this offer, sending a letter that would offer him a job as soon as his professional career in the sport is over.

6)      As well as captaining Italy, Bortolami also wore the armband for English giants Gloucester.

7)      Despite arriving at the World Cup in 2003 with high hopes, Bortolami’s tournament was over before it had almost begun. He sustained an injury in his first match against Tonga and missed the remainder of the competition.

8)      Bortolami was replaced as captain of Italy in 2008. However, he possesses a better win-rate than his successor Sergio Parisse, prompting calls for him to be reinstated to the position.


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